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12 Month Wrap up

This is my 12 months wrap up. As we journey in to this new revolution around the sun it is a good time to clean the air of the old. Its time to prepare for new adventures as we travel in to the next 12 months. So here is my 12 month wrap up.

Some people say the years go by faster as we get older and I don’t agree. I think people stop living the adventure of life and let it get away from them. My reason for say this is because this year was probably one of the longest (feeling) years of my life. Here is just a quick wrap up of the last 12 months.

By the month

  • Jan. The year started out pretty normal I was Working nothing special just preparing for the year ahead.
  • Feb. As the new month came along I started talking to a wonderful woman. Not thinking much of it I continued doing as usual.
  • Mar. With the first signs of spring we went on our first date. Latter in the month we started dating and spent a lot of time together.
  • Apr. We decided our first adventure was to buy an Rv. Then try to renovate, Tefi started talking me out on walks to enjoy the world something I hadn’t done in years.
  • May. outside of work I spent most of my time working on the Rv we also had a birthday party for my Daughter and that’s when my family was introduced to Tefi.
  • Jun. finally we start hiking walking and enjoying the outdoors
  • Jul. my son’s birthday party Tefi moved in with me we had a friend stayed with us went to a few new places.
  • Aug. got a new car, Marble, Colorado and the big trip to L. A. first trip on our own for Tefi and I.
  • Sep. I started writing in the blog we started the writing challenge hiking with friends
  • Oct. Small trip to steamboat working on the blog and Breckenridge
  • November Tefi’s birthday art project aspen trip huge completo hiking in Newcastle, Carbondale, Hotel Colorado and Newcastle tree lighting
  • December sold the rv moved little trip to Beaver Creek

Pictures for the 12 month wrap up

My thoughts

It amazing to me how much has happened I feel every time I read, I remember more and, I could add to this post indefinitely. A way that is how my year has been it’s not always been pretty but it’s definitely been an adventure thank you for reading my 12 month wrap up. I’m excited about this new year and all the opportunities that we will have. For all of you thank you so much for your support and our family is growing and we love you for that.


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I often find myself needing to write about me, I find that interesting because I don’t like to point the finger at myself I would rather learn about others.

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