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Damyon and The Family Band

Being a musician as well as a lover of music I enjoy coming across new music. Recently we created a new Instagram for my music and writing. Through this new page, I have had the pleasure of finding some new friends one of them is Damyon.

The thoughts of raw rock bring ideas of summer festivals and their easy rock sound though it is seldom brought together with such passion and drive that can be felt through the music like it can in Damyon and the family band. I find my mind wandering to memories of summertime. I can almost see kids running through parks filled with the sounds of American rock.

As I listen to track after track it’s obvious that this is a labor of love. Time has been spent with each track of the recording even the live recordings have a great sound to them. The lyrics have flow and I find myself connecting to them, grabbing hold of the meanings. Then letting the songs take me on an adventure.

I listen to each track it carries its own experience. From the bright guitars, snap of the snare to the warm bass riffs there is a journey. It is complete with Damyon’s voice that is a raw rock with refreshing smooth undertones that at times reminds me of Stipe from R.E.M. The overall mix has a great feeling it’s not over bogged by too many tracks and over compression.

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To check out more about Damyon and The Family Band and to buy their latest album click here for his website. Also, you can keep up with them on Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, and YouTube


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