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Hanging lake

We went to hanging lake! As the days pass by It’s easy to miss the little moments when we can enjoy simplicity. I find myself stuck in the routine and sometimes I just fend to change the pace and clear my head. That’s what we ended up doing.

our jurney

A few weeks ago Tefi and I took a day trip to hanging lake. It had been a few years since I had made the journey and it would become Tefi’s first embark up the mountain to the lake. As the morning drifted into the afternoon we drove down the canyon. The trip was nothing unusual just conversations about the blog and life. After passing the tunnel Tefi asked why we couldn’t get off there. I tried my best to explain that it is a one-way exit. I am not sure if she understoode what I ment. Though the confusion subsiteded when we pulled in to the parking lot

A long journey up

After parking the car we started the hike up the mountain. It was definitely slow going and we did a few backtracks to get video footage. So it ended up taking around two hours to hike the mile in the snow. This summer we hiked much faster up Grizzly creek check it out here

Hanging lake

Making the last of the hike I told Tife that we had made it and she didn’t quite believe me because in the past I have said similar to keep morale up. After spending 30 minutes wondering the lake trail and sitting at a bench freezing our butts off we decided to make the hike down in style.

Sliding down

We ran and slid most of the trail until we had reached the bottom it was a lot of fun. Check our post about Glenwood Springs here and see more pictures here at Nunca Imagine Instagram. let me know the hikes you have been on.



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