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Morning commute

Starting off the day with a morning commute just like everyone. It seems like a simple stressful moment of the day getting from home to work. Most people have a morning routine. Maybe that is part of my problem the only thing that is consistent is the path I take to work. I get out of bed to get dressed, kiss Tefi and race out the door to start my morning commute.

Taking a breath

I try to be a optimist person and it seems to be great. So even when I’m driving I take a breath in and let this beautiful place I live in, in. As someone who is not the best at taking pictures I tend to steer clear of taking them, or at least I did. Tefi has proclaimed that I am a blogger now and must act appropriately. Though I seem to be getting better at taking pictures though here I digress. When Tefi is with me we have gotten some amazing pictures of the sunrise.

I see so many people zoning out while they drive to work. Yes, I am guilty of this as well, though I have noticed that I’m doing less and less of it as time goes by. I suppose that it’s because I have found my appreciation for this place that I live in. I let the beauty of it touch my soul. Where are places that have touched your soul or how is your commute let us know?


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I often find myself needing to write about me, I find that interesting because I don’t like to point the finger at myself I would rather learn about others.

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