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Music is my top passion, don’t get me wrong I am totally an artist just like everyone else in this world. I can be creative and I have slumps. So for the last 15 years off and on, I have done vocal training I play guitar piano and many other objects around the house. Sometimes I feel I’m the worst guitar player and sometimes I will listen to my recordings and I can’t believe that it is me.

My music trail to here

Music is the one constant in my overly A.D.D. life. From a small age, I have been obsessed with music I have memories of cupping my ears to listen to how the sounds in the room change.

Only in recent years have I learned that my hearing is not better than anyone else’s. It’s more like I have a better picture of what I’m listening to. I can remember sitting in church or at a concert and zoning into a single person or instrument. It’s like when you are in a crowded room full of talking people. It’s easy for you to understand your friends right. I can understand my friends and still tell you half of what the people next to us are talking about and sometimes I pick up on a few ideas from others too. Because of this Tefi will often tell me I’m not paying attention for me to pretty much verbatim it back to her. To tell the truth I think I understand less when I do pay more attention to something.

Recording and live sound

So when I listen to music I am able to track the bass line as I’m trying to fallow the guitars strum. This has been a very beneficial skill when I first started working in a friends studio. That was the first time I was told that I had a talent for music. Furthermore, he then put me at the soundboard for a show of about two thousand people. Strangely looking back now I wasn’t nervous or scared at all.

Moving in to the future

Recently I did a music review and it was a very invigorating experience you can check it out here. I also hope to start posting more about music and post some of my music on here. I encourage you to follow me here on Instagram. You can see my music posts and listen to little tidbits and such. Also, connect with me on Facebook.

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I often find myself needing to write about me, I find that interesting because I don’t like to point the finger at myself I would rather learn about others.

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