I did not expect
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I Did Not Expect

I did not expect my brother to call me up and ask me to join him on a shopping adventure. It started out on Saturday, Tefi and I had just finished up taking the kids to the park, a movie along with lunch in Eagle. we had just return to the house when I got the call. It was from my brother nothing unusual he calls once a week or so mostly about his YouTube channel. After I answered let him know we had the kids this week he asked a very important question.

The Big Question

What are you guys doing tomorrow? At that time we had just decided to make it an easy day with the kids going sledding at the park near the house and that would be about it. He asked if you would like to go to some shops to look at aquariums and fish supplies. Having the Kids I suggested that we go to Grand Junction the City that is about an hour away. So we agreed that 8am we would head off on our journey and that was that.

The Adventure is Underway

A simple adventure we got the kids and a day bag and off we went. In Glenwood we picked up my brother and away we went. We arrived right as the first store opened and we wondered in nothing super impressive kids liked what they saw but it left us underwhelmed with the selection, than we left to the next store to find more fish but the care was less and the staff was more interested in gossip than the care of the shop.

A Special surprise I did not expect

As we made are way to the last shop that happens to be a chain that we have in Glenwood we found a good selection of fish and they where in good health. my Brother then says, after we looked at a few fish, that he was getting us set up with a few fish I did not expect. Because I already had a tank in storage it wouldn’t be an expensive undertaking. We picked out 4 Beta fish, rocks, a filter and headed for home. As we got back to the “valley” we stopped at my storage and picked up the tank. Headed to the house and now we are the proud first time fish owners.

I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what your pets are and how you ended up with them. check my brother out here you can also see our post about Glenwood Here


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