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Valentine’s Day on a budget

When it comes to Valentine’s Day the common comment is its expensive and commercialized. So Tefi and I set out to bring Valentine’s Day on a budget and I think we accomplished it quite well here are three special day ideas that we put together for Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Number one

The first idea is a simple inspired fruit salad. We spent about $15 on ours by just getting a watermelon along with some raspberries. Keeping it very simple and easy the proses only took about an hour and a half to fully prepare. This is a great choice to keep it simple and delicious who doesn’t like a bowl of fruit?

Number two

heart shaped pizza
Valentine’s day pizza cut into a heart

The second, idea is heart shaped pizza we went with a take and bake. Then we added cheese tomato and olives. Because we both enjoy our pizza with those ingredients feel free to dress it how ever you like. Our cost Was about $10 total. After we cooked the pizza, we cut it into a heart all in all it was a lot of fun cooking it together. I think this one is a better choice for a team effort because it’s just taking a twist on a favorite meal.

Number three

This is the fanciest we got and we went all out for this one. Still keeping the idea of a budget in mind. We started by taking a cheese plate with some oysters and fruit with a bottle of champagne on a bed of hearts and balloons. This sounds intimidating right? Let me brake it down a little. Do do the cheese plate it was a cutting board with some sharp cheddar along with marble jack. Then we took caned clams in a little bowl we had. Put the fruit, crackers and some apple slices on. Took a bottle of $10 wine and presto. Then we got 98¢ balloons and stickers put a white comforter on the bed and a red blanket and we have a romantic seen. Total around $25

Whats Your Valentine’s Day On a Budget

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you doing Valentine’s Day on a budget? Let us know and for more reading check out this post about Eagle Colorado here


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